The INSITE Science Day 2017

The Science day 2017 is the opportunity for the INSITE scientists to share their work with the wider stakeholder community

The INSITE Programme was established in 2014 to provide stakeholders with the independent scientific evidence-base needed to better understand the influence of man-made structures on the ecosystem of the North Sea. The INSITE Independent Scientific Advisory Board (ISAB) challenged scientists with two objectives:

a) What are the magnitude of the effects of man-made structures compared to the spatial and temporal variability of the North Sea ecosystem, considered on different time and space scales; and

b) To what extent, if any, do man-made structures in the North Sea represent a large inter-connected hard substrate system.

Further to the success of the London Science Day, the INSITE programme will be hosting an Aberdeen Symposium on the 11th of December. Presentations will be from both the INSITE Programme and the NERC 'Innovation Programme in Oil & Gas' initiative. Registration is available below.

Additional Resources

INSITE Resources from the Foundation Phase of research include

  • Individual project Summary Reports (available from 31st October)
  • Synthesis report form the ISAB (available from 31st November)
  • Video of the sessions at INSITE Science Day (available during November)
  • Research will be published in Peer Reviewed Journals in 2018