NEW for 2019 - Structures in the Marine Environment (SIME 2019)

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Structures in the Marine Environment 2019 (SIME 2019) is a joint conference hosted by MASTS and INSITE which will be held on Friday the 17th May at the Technology and Innovation Centre in Glasgow

A robust evidence base is needed to support appropriate environmental management and policy/regulatory decision-making. The “Structures in the Marine Environment” (SIME 2019) conference will focus on the impact their presence or removal may have on marine ecosystems.

We invite academics, stakeholders, industry and government reps, stakeholders and interested parties to come together for a day of talks and discussion about man-made structures already within the marine ecosystem (such as O&G platforms and pipelines), and any new infrastructures that may be put in place over the coming decades (e.g. renewable energy structures). This conference will also launch the next phase of funding that will support and underpin the necessary research.

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