Publications from INSITE research projects

Much of the INSITE research has featured in peer reviewed publications which are listed below


Marine Ecology Progress, Vol 615:133-142 2019

Low genetic connectivity in a fouling amphipod among man-made structures in the southern North Sea

Pieternella C. Luttikhuizen, Jan Beermann, Richard P. M. A. Crooijmans, Robbert G. Jak, Joop W. P. Coolen

Frontiers in Marine Science 6: 17

Royal Society Open Science 3: 160494

Scientific Reportsvolume 8, Article number: 14772 (2018)

Johan van der Molen, Luz María García-García, Paul Whomersley, Alexander Callaway, Paulette E. Posen and Kieran Hyder

Connectivity of larval stages of sedentary marine communities between hard substrates and offshore structures in the North Sea

Journal Aquatic Invasions Vol 11 Issue 4

Joop Coolen PhD Thesis

Marine Biodiversity Records 2017

First record of Harmothoe aspera (Hansen, 1879) (Polychaeta: Polynoidae) in the Dutch North Sea

Martijn Spierings, Inês Maria Dias, Joop W.P Coolen, Babeth van der Welde and Joël Cuperus

Scientific Reports August 2018

Ocean sprawl facilitates dispersal and connectivity of protected species

Lea-Anne Henry, Claudia G. Mayorga-Adame, Alan D. Fox, Jeff A. Polton, Joseph S. Ferris, Faron McLellan, Chris McCabe, Tina Kutti and J. Murray Roberts

Marine Policy, Volume 97, November 2018

Data challenges and opportunities for environmental management of North Sea oil and gas decommissioning in an era of blue growth

Fiona Murray, Katherine Needham, Kate Gormley, Sally Rouse, Joop W.P.Coolen, David Billett, Jennifer Dannheim, Silvana N.R.Birchenough, Kieran Hyder, Richard Heard, Joseph S.Ferris, Jan M.Holstein, Lea-Anne Henry, Oonagh McMeel, Jan-Bart Calewaert, and J. Murray Roberts

ICES Journal of Marine Science, September 2018

Impact of an artificial structure on the benthic community composition in the southern North Sea: assessed by a morphological and molecular approach

Lise Klunder, Marc S S Lavaleye, Amalia Filippidi, Judith D L van Bleijswijk, Gert-Jan Reichart, Henk W van der Veer, Gerard C A Duineveld, Furu Mienis and Handling editor: Silvana Birchenough

ICES Journal of Marine Science July 2018

Benthic biodiversity on old platforms, young wind farms, and rocky reefs

Joop W P Coolen, Babeth van der Weide, Joël Cuperus, Maxime Blomberg, Godfried W N M Van Moorsel, Marco A Faasse, Oscar G Bos, Steven Degraer, Han J Lindeboom and Handling editor: Joanna Norkko

ICES Journal of Marine Science October 2018

Structure in a sea of sand: fish abundance in relation to man-made structures in the North Sea

Serena R Wright, Christopher P Lynam, David A Righton, Julian Metcalfe, Ewan Hunter, Ainsley Riley, Luz Garcia, Paulette Posen, Kieran Hyder and Handling editor: Steven Degraer