Stakeholder Engagement and INSITE

To demonstrate independence and transparency, the INSITE Programme is committed to engaging proactively with the broader stakeholder community of the North Sea. This website will be used to keep stakeholders informed of the progress of the Programme and provide feedback from specific stakeholder events.

Scientific Stakeholder Meetings – December 3 2013

The scientific studies to be pursued as part of the INSITE project need to be relevant to the future needs of those with an interest in the various dimensions of the marine ecosystem.

With this in mind, the INSITE team convened a series of meetings in December 2013 to enable information on the gaps in current knowledge and unresolved issues hampered by a lack of research to be discussed. The goal was to enable the INSITE Independent Scientific Advisory Board to be fully informed on stakeholder views before finalising the Request for Proposals to enable an informed approach to finalising the process, types of outcomes and potential use of the research proposals which will be requested, shortlisted and eventually selected.

A range of scientists, policy makers, environmental NGOs and industry interest groups, amongst others, took part in the meetings, held under the Chatham House Rule to encourage an open exchange without attribution.

Copies of the proceedings are available from the downloads page.