HSE Policy

The INSITE Programme seeks to ensure that all work performed under the Programme is carried out in the safest possible way and minimises risks to the environment. To that end, the INSITE Independent Scientific Advisory Board, Executive Committee and Project Management Team are committed to ensuring that the following core health, safety and environmental (HSE) principles are embodied in all participating organisations’ HSE procedures:

  • Employ measures and controls which seek to prevent accidents, pollution, injury and cases of work-related ill health.
  • Ensure awareness and compliance with applicable HSE legal requirements and other relevant industry guidelines.
  • Provide adequate training to ensure any person involved in INSITE is competent to do their work.
  • Engage with all those involved in INSITE on day-to-day HSE matters.
  • Provide advice and supervision on occupational health and environmental protection.
  • Implement emergency procedures, i.e. evacuation in case of fire or other significant HSE related incident.
  • Maintain safe and healthy working conditions, provide and maintain plant, equipment and machinery, and ensure safe storage/use of substances.
  • Monitor, control and reduce where feasible the environmental impacts of energy consumption and waste to landfill.

This HSE policy shall be adopted by all programme participants, management and other interested parties.