Phase 1

During 2011 and 2012, Oil & Gas UK led the ‘Decommissioning Baseline Study’ joint industry project (JIP) to gather knowledge and experience in the decommissioning of offshore structures and pipelines. The environmental workstream within the JIP identified that gaps exist in the data set used to describe the influence of man-made structures on the North Sea ecosystem.

In May 2013 in response to this situation, Oil & Gas UK facilitated the creation of a scientifically-led, long-term environmental JIP aimed at improving scientific knowledge across all aspects of the ecosystem. In April 2014, eight energy company sponsors signed the JIP Agreement, marking the start of the programme. To demonstrate independence and transparency, the programme sponsors are committed to engage proactively with the broader stakeholder community of the North Sea and to make the findings available in the public domain.

Known as the ‘INSITE’ (INfluence of Structures In The Ecosystem), this JIP is a major initiative, which seeks to provide all stakeholders with the science needed to better understand the effect of man-made structures on the North Sea and hence better inform any decision making process.